"Simply wanted to take the time to thank you & let you know that I'm ecstatic to have found you. There are many resources in our area,  we are fortunate in that respect...but to find someone with not only the love of 'the science of it all' but who also has natural intuition and the ability to piece together a multifaceted dilemma...THAT person is a gem! Just nice to sense a 'like-mindedness' in another person and know that some people DO care as much as I do!"

- from a local veterinarian


We are fortunate to have a good working relationship with many professionals in the area. Veterinary behaviorists, veterinarians, and vet techs from these clinics refer Dog Crazy Lady to their clients:


  • University of Pennsylvania Behavior Clinic,

  • Animal Behavior Wellness Center,

  • Ruxton Animal Hospital,

  • Pikesville Animal Hospital,

  • Timonium Animal Hospital,

  • Mountainside Veterinary Hospital,

  • Lutherville Animal Hospital,

  • Stevenson Veterinary Hospital,

  • Perry Hall Veterinary Hospital,

  • Valley Dog and Cat Hospital,

  • Hunt Valley Animal Hospital,

  • Parkville Animal Hospital,

  • Eldersburg Veterinary Hospital,

  • Northwest Animal Hospital,

  • Vinson Animal Hospital,

  • Madonna Veterinary Clinic,

  • Advanced Veterinary Complex,

  • Harborside Mobile Vet,

  • Homeward Bound Mobile Vet,

  • Belvedere Veterinary Center,

  • Towson Veterinary Hospital,

  • Carney Animal Hospital,

  • Honeygo Animal Hospital,

  • Pulaski Veterinary Clinic,

  • Warm & Fuzzy Veterinary Center, 

  • Harbor View Veterinary Hospital,

  • Falls Road Animal Hospital,

  • Companion Animal Care Center, and

  • Animal Medical Clinic of Dulaney Valley




Virtual Training

"We have just started dog training our new puppy with our lovely trainer Tanzi. We started to experience difficulties after adding a second puppy to a home with a 6 year old dog. We have gained so many skills over such a short period of time. I was skeptical that virtual dog training would be effective and boy was I wrong! We get custom tailored advice and very useful tips specific to our puppies needs. Tanzi is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend virtual training to anyone from a new dog owner to seasoned dog owner. You will not be disappointed!"

-Tamara & Rembrandt & Zeke, Pikesville, MD

"Rocco, my mini bernedoodle, and I completed Puppy 101 with Laurie in early summer 2020. All training sessions were virtual and I loved it!  I could take our training sessions anywhere we happen to be and was not forced to schedule and reschedule due to location. Laurie is awesome, super patient and very clear with instruction. I was very happy with the good puppy manners Rocco learned with Laurie's help.  Already have Puppy 201 scheduled. Laurie and Tanzi have been very helpful with questions and resource referrals, as well. I highly recommend this company and Laurie as a very effective dog trainer."

-Tamara & Rocco, Reisterstown, MD

"Tanzi has been amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and super available and responsive to questions between formal consultations!"

-Christine & Layla, Baltimore, MD

"Tanzi is absolutely the best. She is so knowledgeable and has great ideas to help with any issues. I foster dogs and she has helped me with some of the more anxious dogs. It’s easy to find a YouTube video to figure out how to teach your dog to sit. But when you have a behavior or fear issue, Tanzi always has several ideas for how to tackle the root of the issue. No fear, no pain, just communication."

-Jodie, Baltimore, MD

In-Person Training

"Laurie's help with our mini Labradoodle has been invaluable. Lola came to us last December as a frantic puppy. Very sweet but definitely needed some structured guidance. Laurie has worked with us on and off for about 6 months and I'm thrilled to say that Lola is like a new dog! We are so appreciative of all the effort and patience Laurie has demonstrated when working with us to get Lola to a place where we were all happy. I cannot recommend the service enough. Thank you Laurie!!!!"

-Catherine & Lola, Phoenix, MD

"Laurie's help with our newly adopted pup saved our lives! We brought home a 3 month old pit mix in August thinking we were prepared, but quickly learned we had a lot of learning to do. Our vet recommended Dog Crazy Lady and we signed up for the puppy package. Laurie was able to do the phone consult a few days later and came out to our home a week later. Her energy made a difference as soon as she walked in the door! She worked with the whole family, and made suggestions that were easy and realistic. We saw a change in our pup after each training session. She is a whole new dog because of Laurie's help! I highly recommend Dog Crazy Lady! I would give more stars if I could :)"

Laura & Leia, Nottingham, MD


"We had a wonderful experience working with Laurie, one of the Dog Crazy Lady trainers. She was wonderful to work with and made a huge difference in our ability to manage the behaviors of our new rescue dog. Loved her positive reinforcement based approach. We will continue to use her as we work with our new dog in his first year with us."

Tiffany & Tucker, Cockeysville, MD

"Tanzi - thank you so much for everything you've taught me & Bear over the last few months. I've really loved learning from you and know that I wouldn't have any idea what I'm doing with the little guy without you! I haven't looked on your website yet to figure it out but I definitely don't want today to be the last time you train us. Thanks again and I'll be in touch!"
Hope & Bear, Owings Mills, MD

"So good to meet you in person and learn about Finn.  I think I understood more about him from you in ten minutes than I had from anyone else in the past three years of his life. "

-Jenny & Finn, Towson, MD

"You were so incredibly helpful! Maisie is doing great! "

-Sue & Maisie, Parkton, MD

"You are wonderful to work with!!"

-Robin & Teddy, Stevenson, MD


"You were AMAZING with us and with Trinket today. Thank you!!"

-Maureen & Trinket, Lutherville-Timonium, MD

"Thank you so much for all your help with training Jessie! We both enjoyed working with you and learned so much. You are a fabulous teacher!"

-Olivia & Jessie, Timonium, MD


"Thanks, Tanzi!  We learned so much from you and really appreciate your time and effort."

-Kelly & Spike, Homeland, MD


"I just loved watching you with Bella yesterday. Clearly, she is happy with you and watching your masterful ways with her is a treat."

-Sharon & Bella, Pikesville, MD


"I was a first time puppy owner and thought I could handle training on my own- I can say thank goodness I did not!! I would have done things so wrong!! We learned so much it’s unbelievable! I have recommended Dog Crazy Lady to many people and will continue to do so. Valuable information and I have a well behaved puppy because of the proper training!!!! Thank you Tanzi!!"

-Laura & Louis, Ruxton, MD


"Thank you so much for all the work you did with Lexi. It was a delightful experience working with you—very helpful and your advice was always spot-on! Thanks and I will be in touch if we have some new puppy needs in our family!"

-Kathy & Lexi, Stevenson, MD


"Tanzi - thank you again for helping us through the beginning stages of having a puppy. We now understand puppies/dogs so much better, and your training tips will stay with us for years to come. You are great at what you do!!"

Laura & David & Sonny, Pikesville, MD


"It's amazing how those techniques work. A neighbor came over. I had Jack so distracted he didn’t move. He is doing well; I’m just amazed at how well he’s responding to the stuff we did with you on Saturday."

-Richard & Lisa & Jack, Lutherville, MD


"Thanks, Tanzi! Will be in touch about more training time. You're awesome."

- Dana & Salk, Pikesville, MD


"We LOVED your visit today. We both feel so much more relaxed!!!! We look forward to meeting with you again!"

-Susan & Mavis, Stevenson, MD


"Thank you so much for such a wonderful and detailed report. I told Dr. Z how wonderful you were to work with."

-Amy & Chloe, Stevenson, MD


"We are so excited to tell you that YOU WERE RIGHT!!! We went to the Eastern shore this weekend and only used the Cerenia as an experiment, no Xanax.  OH MY GOODNESS!!! She was GREAT!! No trembling or crying!! She sat down and laid down for portions of the ride!! I was in tears (of joy)! You are a miracle worker!!!"

-Laura & Mattie, Towson


"Unsolicited recommendation for Tanzi: Two months ago we had a 3-month old Boerboel puppy who was right in the middle of her fear imprint period. We live in downtown Baltimore and our pup was showing signs of fear whenever she either saw or heard a large truck or other noisy vehicles, even in the distance. Potential problem in the city, right? That is just about the time we began working with Tanzi. Today, I took our brave warrior princess out for a long lunchtime walk along Mt. Royal Avenue, North Charles Street, Maryland Avenue, and Howard. If you know Baltimore City you know that these streets at noon are just about as busy as you can get without being on I-95. Busses, semi-trailers, municipal waste trucks, loud dump trucks, rattling cars, etc. Thanks to the skills that Tanzi taught us for working with our dog, the walk was a pure joy and instead of fearful pulling and whining our brave girl just strutted along with her tail in the air, head up and alert, leaning forward, and calmly sat at each intersection we came upon, even with huge trucks whizzing past. Thank you, Tanzi!"

- David & Robin & Carlee, Baltimore, MD

"You are a miracle worker!"

-Jen & Ollie, Pikesville, MD


"I hired Tanzi to help my sister with her new rescue Pomeranian, who was showing signs of food aggression and was difficult to potty train, even with the use of a crate. After a lengthy consultation on the known history of the dog and the current environment and routine, Tanzi came out and spent several hours getting to know the dog, identifying the issues and giving my sister solid recommendations for alleviating the problems. This was followed up with a written plan of action and further suggestions. These were all very helpful and my sister had great success using her techniques, and now has a wonderful, well-acclimated family dog. I have been in the pet care industry for many years and employed several trainers at my business. Tanzi is one of the most professional, well educated and thorough trainers I have known. I would highly recommend working with her!"

-David, Owings Mills, MD

"I met with Tanzi and our new puppy Charlie, a very eager 5-month-old Golden Doodle. She gave us great tips for positive training! After our 2-hour training session, she provided a comprehensive training plan. To this day our 'puppy' is 1 year old and he is perfect. We continue to use her training lesson tips! Thank you, Tanzi. I highly recommend her!"

-Andrea & Charlie, Phoenix, MD "I adopted a shelter dog who obviously had never been leash-walked. Tanzi came to my house, and Freddie took to her immediately. I was amazed at her extensive knowledge of various dog behaviors. After several sessions, Freddie was actually walking on leash without misbehaving. I would recommend Tanzi without reservation." - Janice & Freddie, Parkville, MD "The first time I called Tanzi was when I just got a rescue dog from a shelter and I have never owned a pet in my life (I am a 55-year-old young lady) and I wanted to be able to communicate properly with the new dog. Tanzi's response was amazing!!!!! First, she came over my house and was very friendly with us and with the dog. The dog loved her right away, which she does not do to all the people that she meets. It was just amazing to see how she responded to Tanzi. Tanzi gave me so much advice about dogs, it was just great. I would recommend Tanzi for all your dog needs. I think she is amazing and she helped me with Betty White a lot. We keep on practicing everything that Tanzi taught us and I can see that Betty White is so much better now."

-Irene & Betty White, Pikesville, MD


"Tanzi did a great job teaching us how to train our new dog.  My daughters and I learned some simple, but very effective force free techniques from Tanzi for modifying Lola's behavior, which appear to be working!  Tanzi is so friendly and patient - we look forward to continuing to work with her!"

-Nat & Lola, Mt. Washington, MD


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! We already see a difference. We are so grateful to you, we are convinced that with u and us working together he will be the best dog ever.  I got a call from my vet asking if I would refer other clients to you. I hesitantly said yes......don't want you to be too busy for me. Just kidding. I raved about u, and call you my very favorite 'Dog Whisperer.'"

-Myra & Dudley, Pikesville, MD


"This was a great experience. Just one visit made a huge difference for my daughter's dog. Tanzi is clearly experienced, compassionate and very skilled in all aspects of Dog Training. Her rates are also extremely reasonable and provide excellent value. Highly recommend this business!!"

-Tessa & Biscuit, Ruxton, MD


"Very helpful. Tanzi has a way of teaching the owner that is not at all intimidating, actually makes it fun. She was instantly liked by our young dog who respected her and responded favorably to her training techniques. Would highly recommend her."

-Robert, Marsha, & Bella, Towson, MD


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Virtual services are available everywhere. In-home services may be available in these neighborhoods within the Baltimore metro area: Owings Mills, Randallstown, Reisterstown, Glyndon, Finksburg, Pikesville, Stevenson, Lutherville, Timonium, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Roland Park, Riderwood, Ruxton, Mt. Washington, Homeland, Guilford, Hampden, Bolton Hill, Towson, Sparks, parts of Monkton, Phoenix, Jarrettsville, Kingsville, Perry Hall, Parkville, White Marsh, Forest Hill, Hydes, and the southwestern edges of Bel Air. Contact us to ask about any areas not listed and if we don't work there, we can usually provide a referral to a trusted colleague. Not all trainers work in all areas so if we can't provide a trainer in your area at the time you need us, we will try to connect you with someone we trust.

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