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Who is this package for? 

  • Puppies and dogs of any age who are exhibiting fear, anxiety, phobia, stress, hyperarousal, arousal biting, and/or aggressive responses related to objects, places, events, sounds, dogs living in the home, and people but without a severe bite history 

What will we do?  

  • Expert trauma-informed coaching by Tanzi:

    • All clients will start with (6) 45-minute, in-person sessions, usually scheduled 7 to 10 days apart, depending on the issue,

      • ​most clients with dogs either extremely fearful of strangers or aggressive towards strangers will start with (1) or more 30-minute virtual Safe Entry and /or Muzzle Training sessions via Zoom to teach management and foundation skills to set your dog up for success and prepare for working in-person safely and comfortably for your dog and for your trainer,

      • your pup's custom training plan is created based on your goals and adjusted at every session for the most efficient, effective progress, and may include things like setting up safe havens, teaching coping skills & decompression strategies,  and changing emotions & alternative behaviors,

      • ​Tanzi travels up to about 20 minutes one way to work with you and your pup in the convenience of your home, and in some cases, we may also arrange to meet at a vet clinic or sometimes at a public place like a park or shopping center,


  • Supplies that help with training are included with your first package:

    • small Toppl toy & Easy Cheese

    • treat pouch

  • Ongoing support:

    • Homework plans and reminder notes after each session,

    • Access to a Video Refresher Library, including videos & articles to help you review training games,

    • Access to weekly Office Hours via Zoom 

    • Message M-F and Sat morning during your package to ask questions, for video review, and quick coaching between sessions if needed

    • Tanzi will communicate with your vet and/or vet behaviorist periodically regarding medical issues, including anxiety and fear,

    • Option to continue meeting twice monthly and use support options for up to a year from your initial call for $199 / month with no rate increases during the year, and

    • You have 6 months to use the lessons in your package in case life gets hectic, and you need to pause work, but they do expire at that time.

It's important that you let Tanzi know upfront if your dog has bitten anyone with as many details as possible. ​Certain cases of aggressive or anxious behavior may require medical workups and a meeting with a veterinarian and/or veterinary behaviorist before we can proceed with behavior modification coaching sessions. I may not be able to help with all cases but will help you connect with the right specialist as needed.

the counseling office:
Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Hyperarousal, PHOBIA, & Aggression

Referral to a veterinary behaviorist partner and/ or appropriate specialty class may be provided for:

  • Dogs that are reactive to people at distances over 30', where subtle body language would be hard for Tanzi to see clearly, and where finding a large enough space to work without distractions is difficult

  • Dogs exhibiting aggression towards particularly vulnerable or fragile people living in the home

  • Dogs exhibiting aggression towards dogs outside the home

  • Dogs with a bite history that is severe in frequency or damage inflicted, that's without obvious warning, and/or has a long history

  • Dogs exhibiting aggression towards other species in the home, like cats 

  • Dogs Tanzi can't get close to safely after multiple visits


per 30-minute virtual session, if needed

$314.50 per month


for 2 months

invoice automatically will be set up to pay-in-full,

so just let Tanzi know if you want to set up 2 monthly payments

*Includes a $20 nonrefundable registration fee

"Tanzi has been a lifechanger! My husband and I purchased 2 packages through Tanzi, and our 2-year-old rescue pup's behavior has changed significantly. He is so much more manageable now! We are even receiving comments from our neighbors about how much better behaved he's become. I'll admit I was skeptical at first because we tried everything we knew how to do on our own for an entire year with little behavioral change, but then we brought in Tanzi and she really filled in the blanks and helped us to understand Sammy's needs and how he communicates. Without Tanzi, I don't know how long it would have taken us to even realize that our dog needed pharmaceutical support. She walked us through every thing we didn't understand or weren't familiar with, and with our permission she even communicated directly with our vet, which helped loads. Our Sammy is now much more comfortable in his own skin, much less hyper-vigilant, and performs more regularly within our expectations. Tanzi taught us a variety of skill sets that we can use going forward for continued success in training. We would highly recommend Tanzi especially when you have reached your wits' end and just want your dog to act like a dog!

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