First, Tanzi will speak with you on the phone for up to a 60-minute intake call to identify the issues, to recommend immediate steps you can take to improve the situation and changes to make or recommended supplies to purchase, and to start discussing your behavior modification plan. 


  • During the intake call, she may explain that certain cases of aggressive or anxious behavior may require medical workups and a meeting with a veterinarian and/or veterinary behaviorist about anti-anxiety medication before we can proceed with behavior modification coaching sessions.

  • Many cases of reactivity to other dogs are most effectively and efficiently addressed in a specialized group class and we will provide a referral.

  • Dogs with confirmed (via video) separation anxiety will be referred to a Certified Separation Anxiety Specialist (CSAT) for that specific issue and you can opt to continue working with us for any other issues as desired. 

Second, your trainer will coach you via Google Meet in a live, online video session for 20-minutes once or twice a week for a total of 4 sessions. Sessions are short due to the nature of working with anxious and aggressive behavior. You will have the option to add on more sessions later if desired.

During your session, your trainer will evaluate your dog’s behavior and begin working on the behavior modification plan with you to help you understand why your dog is behaving this way and how to change the emotion driving your dog's behavior, which ultimately is how we change the behavior itself. 


  • You get a 60-minute intake call plus (4) 20-minute sessions.

  • You will receive a follow-up email after each session with video and/or article links to help you understand what was discussed and remember the training homework.

  • You can text, email, or call with questions outside of sessions.

  • We will communicate with your vet and/or vet behaviorist as needed.

  • You may purchase additional 20-minute sessions a la carte for $40 after the package ends.

  • You may also add on Manners Training after the Behavior Modification work is completed. The intake call would not be required since you already are working with us, so  the package price would be discounted.


It's important that you let us know upfront if your dog has bitten anyone with as many details as possible. 




Private BEhavior MODIFICATION:
Fear, Anxiety, PHOBIA, & Aggression


We'll discuss:

Appropriate for:

  • Your dog's behavior

  • Evaluation of your dog

  • How to improve the situation immediately

  • A plan to modify your dog's behavior over time

  • Any annoying but not fearful or aggressive behavior issues that should be addressed

  • Dogs fearful and / or aggressive towards adults or to other dogs in the home

  • Dogs with fears and anxieties about other things

  • Some dogs with reactive behavior to dogs outside the home

Referral provided for:

  • Dogs fearful and / or aggressive towards children, towards dogs outside the home in some situations, and dogs with confirmed separation anxiety (usually confirmed via video)



Sessions and packages are paid in advance via invoice and must be used within 6 months following that visit. Without regular sessions, it's difficult to make progress. You can buy as many combinations of single sessions and packages as you like.  


Services are available in these neighborhoods within the Baltimore metro area: Owings Mills, Randallstown, Reisterstown, Glyndon, Finksburg, Pikesville, Stevenson, Lutherville, Timonium, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Roland Park, Riderwood, Ruxton, Mt. Washington, Homeland, Guilford, Hampden, Bolton Hill, Towson, Sparks, parts of Monkton, Phoenix, Jarrettsville, Kingsville, Perry Hall, Parkville, White Marsh, Forest Hill, Hydes, and the southwestern edges of Bel Air. Contact us to ask about any areas not listed and if we don't work there, we can usually provide a referral to a trusted colleague. Not all trainers work in all areas so if we can't provide a trainer in your area at the time you need us, we will try to connect you with someone we trust.



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