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Who is this package for? 

  • Puppies and dogs of any age who are exhibiting fear, anxiety, phobia, stress, hyperarousal, arousal biting, and/or aggressive responses to objects, places, events, and people age 10 and up but without a severe bite history 

  • Puppies and dogs fearful of and/or aggressive towards dogs living in the same home without causing serious injuries 


What will we do? 

  • ​Most clients with dogs extremely fearful of or aggressive towards strangers will start with (1) or more 30-minute private, virtual training sessions via Zoom to teach management and foundation skills to set your dog up for success and prepare for working in-person safely. 

  • All clients will start with (4) 45-minute, in-person sessions at their home/ yard, or sometimes off-property when appropriate (park or fenced yard), usually scheduled 7 to 14 days apart.

  • After each session, you will typically receive a follow-up email or note sheet with video and/or article links to help you understand what was discussed and remember the training homework unless we repeat previous work.

  • You can text, email, or call with questions outside of sessions.

  • We will communicate with your vet and/or vet behaviorist as needed.

What if I need more help? 

  • You may add on extra packages as needed, and Tanzi will help you with this process. Multiple behavior issues or complex issues usually require more than one package.

  • You can take a break between packages to practice.

What if I can't afford training?

  • Virtual sessions can be billed first, separately from in-person work, to split the payment, and we take credit cards also.

  • In an ideal world, trainers help you help your dog as efficiently as possible. But, sometimes, it's just not in your budget. For DIY anxiety /aggression work, we recommend searching for the book Beware of the Dog by Pat Miller or webinars hosted by Michael Shikashio.


Crucial info

It's important that you let us know upfront if your dog has bitten anyone with as many details as possible. ​Your trainer may explain that certain cases of aggressive or anxious behavior may require medical workups and a meeting with a veterinarian and/or veterinary behaviorist before we can proceed with behavior modification coaching sessions. I may not be able to help with all cases but will help you connect with the right specialist as needed.

the counseling office:
Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Hyperarousal, PHOBIA, & Aggression

Referral to a veterinary behaviorist and/ or appropriate specialty class will likely be provided for:

  • Dogs that are reactive to people at distances over 30' where body language would be hard for your trainer to see clearly and where finding a large enough space to work without distractions is difficult

  • Dogs aggressive towards children under age 10

  • Dogs that are reactive or aggressive towards dogs outside the home

  • Dogs with a bite history that is severe and/or prolonged

  • Dogs that are aggressive towards other species, like cats 

  • Dogs I can't get close to safely who need virtual training for muzzles or cooperative vet care


per 30-minute virtual session


(4) in-person sessions

Sessions and packages are paid in advance via invoice and must be used within 6 months following that visit. Without regular sessions, it's difficult to make progress. 

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