Topic options include:

  • coming when called,

  • leash manners,

  • greeting politely and relaxing around visitors,  

  • counter surfing,

  • leaving things alone/dropping things on request,

  • waiting patiently (for doors, leashes, meals, on mats,...)

  • custom packages- ask about anything you don't see listed,

Off to college: Major in Manners

This package is best used for focus - we focus on one, maybe two subjects at a time so you can really get it right, learning how to work with distraction, duration, and distance, then you can add to meet your next goal. When you schedule below, be sure to tell us your #1 training priority, and we'll go from there.


Who is this package for?

  • Puppies age 6 months and up and dogs of all ages who haven't worked with us previously and who are not exhibiting anxiety or aggression - start with your top priority, and add on more packages to address other concerns as desired

What do I get?

  • (3) 45-minute coaching sessions at your home if you are in our travel radius, or as a field trip when appropriate (e.g. park, shopping center, fenced yard,...), typically scheduled 7-14 days apart

  • You will receive notes after each session including suggestions and options to view video and/or articles to help you remember the training homework

  • You can text, email, or call with questions outside of sessions

per package

Want to stay in your pajamas? Save 10% per package by making it all virtual.

Sessions and packages are paid in advance via invoice and must be used within 6 months following that visit. Without regular sessions, it's difficult to make progress.