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PREP SCHOOL: Accelerated learning

Who is this package for?

  • Puppies and dogs of all ages 

  • People who may have less time to practice skills between sessions or who simply prefer the trainer to do more of the work (note - you will still have to do some of the work to reinforce and maintain behavior, this just shifts some of the practice onto the trainer)

  • Great for manners work and for some dogs with big emotions - ask Tanzi if your dog is eligible during your Jump Start call or at Zoom office hours prior to booking

What do I get? 

  • Expert coaching by Tanzi in (12) 45-minute sessions at your home or nearby:

    • (1) initial session with you and your dog to prepare for the work to start

    • (3) sessions weekly for 3 weeks with your dog only

    • (2) transfer sessions with you, about midway and at the end of the 3 weeks

  • Bonus! Supplies that help maintain training are included:

    • small Toppl toy & Easy Cheese

    • treat pouch 

  • Ongoing support:

    • Notes after each session to reference what your pup is working on,

    • Access to a Video Library, including videos & articles to help you review training games,

    • Message M-F and Sat morning during your package to ask questions, for video review, and for quick coaching between sessions if needed.

    • Option to add another package, twice monthly maintenance visits for $199 / month, or weekly visits for $398 / month.


Will my dog be fully trained after the package?

  • I wish it were that easy! If you've ever started a new skill, whether it's playing an instrument, a sport, or a new hobby, you know that taking 3 lessons per week for a few weeks doesn't make you perfect. This package is a way to practice less and get results, but you will still need to be part of the training team, and I will help you with that on the call and after each transfer session.

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Why use an alternative to Board & Train?

  • You can hang out with your dog instead of missing them for weeks,

  • Behaviors are more likely to be successful when practiced in your living environment

  • Your dog won't be stressed by wondering where you are and living in a new environment,

  • Your dog won't pick up any illnesses from other dogs,

  • You don't have to worry about anyone using methods behind closed doors that will scare, intimidate, or hurt your puppy or dog, and

  • It's less expensive since boarding fees aren't required



*Includes a $40 nonrefundable registration fee

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