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New to School:  PUPPY 101

Who is this package for? 

  • Puppies 8 weeks to under 11 months old at the start of the package

  • People who want to work with Tanzi and their puppy to teach and improve life skills

Puppy biting someone's jeans

What do I get? 

  • Expert coaching by Tanzi:

    • (6) 45-minute, in-person coaching & training sessions with you

      • ok to take breaks for vacation, hectic weeks, and break required for 10-day spay/neuter recovery,

    • your pup's custom training plan is created based on your goals and adjusted at every session for the most efficient, effective progress,

    • Tanzi travels up to about 20 minutes one way to work with you and your pup in the convenience of your home, or sometimes a vet clinic or a public place like a park or shopping center

  • Supplies that help with training are included with your first package:

    • small Toppl toy & Easy Cheese

    • treat pouch 


  • Ongoing Support​:

    • Homework plans and notes after each session,

    • Access to a Video Library, including videos & articles to help you review training games,

    • Message during your package to ask questions, for video review, and quick coaching between sessions if needed

    • Recommended for most puppies:  continue meeting twice monthly for $199 / month

    • You have 6 months to use the lessons in your package, but they do expire at that time.

Age-appropriate Work

2-4 months

  • Socialization plans

  • Housetraining

  • Mouthing

  • Confinement /Alone time

  • Handling and cooperative care

  • Working to eat

  • Environmental management

  • Name attention

  • Acclimate to leash

4-6 months

  • Core Manners, e.g.  Come, Sit to Say Please, Leash Manners, Door Greetings, Drop, Go to Bed, Down, SettleWait, Polite Greetings on leash

6-10 months

  • Add distance, duration, or distraction to existing skills

  • Troubleshoot common teen puppy issues like "keep away," counter surfing, ignoring cues, jumping, rough play

$314.50 per month for 2 months,

3 lessons per month

invoice automatically will be set up to pay-in-full,

so just let Tanzi know if you want to set up 2 monthly payments

*Includes a $20 nonrefundable registration fee

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