• This is a comprehensive series of packages for you and your puppy that includes Puppy Pre-K and Kindergarten.

  • In Pre-K, we cover common puppy issues like socialization and habituation, housetraining, puppy mouthing, alone time training, and handling work to be comfortable with vets /groomers/ friendly strangers, and core manners work.

  • In Kindergarten, we add more skills to help your pup be easier to live with, like patience-building exercises, polite behavior around visitors, and polite behavior around people on walks. We also reinforce concepts learned in Pre-K

  • You can work straight through with packages back to back, you can take a short break between packages, or, for older puppies, you might start with Kindergarten and customize the skills your puppy hasn't quite mastered

Who is this package for? 

Puppies 8 weeks to under 6 months old at the start of the package

What do I get? 

  • (5) 45-minute in-person training sessions per package at your home, with lessons scheduled about every 7 to 10 days depending on what's best for your schedule

  • You will receive notes after each session including options to view video and/or articles to help you remember the training homework

  • You can text, email, or call with questions outside of sessions.

  • You can take a week off if needed for vacation or just a break, no problem.

  • Able to take Teen Puppy 201 classes later

What if I need more help?

  • If they complete both packages, this is all many puppies will need, but if you want to keep perfecting skills or if something new pops up, you can continue to follow our training plans on your own after Puppy 101, or schedule an advanced package for older pups like Teen 201



  • Socialization plans

  • Housetraining

  • Mouthing

  • Confinement /Alone time

  • Handling 

  • Working to eat

  • Environmental management

  • Core Manners:  Name, Come, Sit to Say Please, Leash Manners, Door Greetings, Drop

Puppy biting someone's jeans


  • Even more manners: Go to Bed, Down, Settle, Leave it, Wait, Polite Greetings on leash

  • Reinforce concepts from Pre-K like Handling, Come, Say Please, Leash Manners, Door Greetings


per package

Sessions and packages are paid in advance via invoice and must be used within 6 months following that visit. Without regular sessions, it's difficult to make progress.

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