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who need help with big feelings
the counseling office
  • Shy, anxious, or fearful behavior at any age

  • Hyper, overstimulated behavior

  • Barking, mouthing, and/or lunging at people

  • Guarding possessions, spaces, & people

  • Aggressive behavior toward people

  • Friction between dogs in the home

  • 6 lessons in 6-12 weeks

goldendoodle labradoodle dog training behavior
  • For puppies and dogs of all ages

  • The alternative to board & train where the trainer is at your home several days each week to do most of the work for you 

  • Appropriate for basics, manners, and some big emotions

  • 12 lessons in 3-4 weeks

7 11996607_l lessons.jpg
Home school
  • Isolation anxiety: anxious or fearful behavior when left alone 

  • Separation anxiety: anxious or fearful behavior when separated from a specific person

  • Confinement anxiety: anxious or fearful behavior when confined

  • Weekly lessons

Dalmatian Dog
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