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Ready to work with an expert trainer to figure out how to communicate with your pup to change behavior? Select from 3 ways to learn below based on your location, availability, and goals.
All packages include a custom training plan for you and your dog based on your goals, adjusted at every session for the most efficient, effective progress, plus ongoing support between sessions if you need it. 
  • Plans may include changing feelings, teaching new and alternative behaviors, decompression strategies, enrichment strategies, relationship building, product recommendations, and more
  • Notes after each session and access to an online Video Library, including videos & articles to help you review training games
  • You visit Zoom Office Hours to ask questions without going back and forth on messaging, for video review, and for quick coaching between sessions, or you can message questions as needed 

  • After your package, you can add another package at a reduced price, or continue meeting with a la carte sessions if you need them

Still have questions? Click the red buttons for more details, or visit Office Hours on Zoom. New office hours times are added each weekend for the week ahead.



  • Do you live in the service area

  • For puppies and dogs of all ages with issues of any kind, from puppy basics to manners to anxiety, hyperarousal, fear, phobia, and aggression

  • Options for 3 or 6 in-person lessons in 6-8 weeks

  • Do you live near the service area and can travel to central locations?

  • Do you have a dog with fear or aggression toward strangers that requires some prep work before meeting?

  • Do you just have a busy schedule and prefer shorter Zoom lessons?

  • Includes 3 virtual & 3 in-person  lessons in 6-8 weeks


  • Do you live outside the service area?

  • Do you have prefer shorter sessions?

  • Do you have a dog experiencing phobia that makes leaving or having visitors over difficult or impossible right now?

  • Includes 3 or 6 virtual lessons in 6-8 weeks

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