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love your dog, but not in love with your dog's behavior?

Turn things around with expert, professional coaching by Dog Crazy Lady, Tanzi Leary

border collie sit stay
Tanzi Leary is an award-winning dog trainer & behavior consultant who's been recommended by 30+ Baltimore area veterinary clinics and multiple veterinary behaviorists for more than a decade.
Tanzi has worked on just about every issue you can think of, and maybe even some you have never heard of.

​​She'll consider your dog's mind, body, breed propensities, and unique perspective, along with your goals, to optimize routines and environment. Then, she'll use associations and reinforcers like food, play, touch, safety, agency, and praise to teach —never using pain or threat.
  • frustration
  • aggression
  • manners
  • puppy basics
  • anxiety
  • fear
  • phobia
  • reactivity
labrador retriever sit stay
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