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4 quick questions before filling out the form below:

  1. Does Tanzi go to your area?  The in-person travel radius includes most of Baltimore County & some of Baltimore City, located approximately between Shawan Road and 29th Street and from Reisterstown Road to Providence Road. Virtual lessons are available if you are out of range.
  2. Does your schedule match Tanzi's?  In-person lessons are offered M - F between 9:30 am & 2:30 pm start times. Calls & virtual lessons are M - F between 8 am-10:15 am & 2:15 pm- 4:15 pm start times.

  3. Can you wait to begin?  Due to high demand, there is sometimes a wait to get started. You will be automatically wait-listed for earlier dates once booked, and getting moved up happens fairly often. You can also check the blog for referral options.

  4. Did you check the services offered against what you need and prices against your budget?  If not, click here now.

All set?

  • Fill out the form below, and Tanzi will be in touch within 1 business day, Monday-Friday, other than holidays & vacation.

  • Check junk/spam if you don't get a reply quickly, and please try again in case your original form didn't go through. 

    • There are issues sometimes with messages going through both to & from Comcast & AOL, so if you can use a different service provider, please do. If not, please follow up if you don't see a quick reply. Thanks!)


Request Jump Start Call:

Thank you! Look for a message back within 1 business day.

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Before you go, get your FREE E-Book:

Is your dog stressed out? Not sure? Click the button to check out this free mini e-book for some signs to watch for and things humans accidentally do that stress out their dogs. For more free resources, check out the blog in the menu above.

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