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Be sure Tanzi is the right trainer for you before filling out the form:

Tanzi is not available on weeknights or on weekends; she can meet you on weekdays, typically during school hours. Please share all days of the week M-F and all ranges of time you are available below.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see if your location is in her travel area before sending an inquiry. Most of her travel area is central Baltimore County.

Curious about pricing or the process to get going after you send your form in, including billing and paperwork? Visit Services, Prices, & Scheduling.

If we aren't a match for any reason, Google "Your Dog's Friend" and "MDSPCA Trainer Referral List" for reputable options. 

Check the appropriate box(es):

Got it, thank you! Tanzi will be in touch within  1 business day Monday-Friday.

pomeranian toy dog down stay

Is your dog stressed out? Not sure? Click the button to check out this free mini e-book for some signs to watch for and things humans accidentally do that stress out their dogs.

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