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Last details before you begin

To avoid extra emails & training delays, check out these important details before filling out the form below:

  • In-person and intensive work is only available in the service area. 

  • As of 2/27/24, I am have 3 call dates left on 3/19 or later with lessons 3/21 and later.

  • You are automatically waitlisted for earlier dates after booking your consultation.

  • Training is available weekdays, not evenings or weekends.

    • Consultations & virtual lessons:  Mon - Fri 8a - 10:15a & 2:15p - 4:30p

    • In-person lessons:  Mon - Fri 9:30a - 1:15p start times

  • Prices and training options are all available to see on the site.

If you have more questions, visit FAQ or drop into Zoom Office Hours. I can discuss general training questions, but cannot give advice about your training issues until our consultation.

If the location, availability,& price info above works for you, let's get started:

Thank you! You'll hear back within 1 business day, Mon - Fri. If you don't, we didn't get your message.

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Before you go, get your FREE E-Book:

Is your dog stressed out? Not sure? Click the button to check out this free mini e-book for some signs to watch for and things humans accidentally do that stress out their dogs. For more free resources, check out the blog in the menu above.

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