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important TRAINING DETAILS & philosophy information:


Are you ready to transform your relationship with your dog? 


1. Travel Area

In-home services are typically available if your home is about a 10-15 minutes from Meadowood Park on Falls Road. Virtual services are available everywhere. Although people are sometimes doubtful about training a dog virtually, it works fine because the trainer usually teaches the human. Check out reviews from virtual clients to see what they thought.

2. Availability

Training is typically available during the following windows:

  • (60-75 min) Consultations: Monday - Friday at 9a or 2:15p, and sometimes more options

  • (30 min) Virtuals:  Monday - Friday, times vary but are between 8:15a - 5:30p start times

  • (45 min) In-person lessons:  Monday - Friday from 9:30a - 1:15p start times

  • There's often about a month's wait, sometimes longer, but after booking your consultation, you are automatically waitlisted for earlier dates. Summer tends to be a bit quicker to get started.


3. Pricing

Prices are all listed on the site - just click through the red button below to see options. Virtual work is least expensive since no travel time is included. Note that the packages can be split into two payments if desired. 

4. Train without pain 

Because she wants you and your dog to succeed and strengthen your bond, Tanzi uses evidence-based training methods that prioritize dogs' behavioral health. As a result, she does not train with pain, threat, or intimidation of any kind, including aversive tools such as prong/pinch collars, choke collars, shock collars, shock fences, slip leads, leash pops, bonkers, chain bags, penny cans, sprayed water, compressed air, ultrasonic sound—you get the idea.


If you have been using aversive tools and want to make a change, please get in touch for help. However, if you want to keep using them, please look for a different trainer, as you will be expected to take all of Tanzi's advice, not cherry-picking only some thing.


If you have a shock fence and plan to keep using it or plan to install one in the future, please look for a trainer who is a better fit.

If your dog exhibits any pain, itching, anxiety, fear, or phobia that prevents them from having a good quality of life, including learning and retaining information, Tanzi will help you work with your veterinarian or a veterinary behaviorist to discuss options, which may include the vet advising use of prescriptions. If you do not believe in the use of medication for any of these issues, please look for a different trainer who is a better fit. It's not fair to expect a dog with mental health issues to heal their thoughts if their brain isn't working properly in the first place.

If you have more questions, visit FAQ or Zoom Office Hours. Tanzi can discuss general training questions but can't give advice about your specific training issues until the consultation. Click the red button below to get information about your next steps, a consultation followed by a training package.

"Tanzi is the best! She knows SOOOOO MUCH about dogs AND people and how they interact. She is a lifesaver and we are so lucky to have found her. We were very experienced dog owners with a very anxious puppy, unlike anything we had ever experienced before. She helped us get things on the right track! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"


​-Kirsten & Olive, Owings Mills, MD

black and white border collie

"Tanzi is the best dog trainer I have ever worked with. She is incredibly knowledgable, kind and patient. She explains not only the how, but also the why, which is so important for training your dog when she is not right there with you. She will work with you and your dog to create a customized training plan for YOUR dog, not a cookie cutter one-size-fits all approach. I cannot recommend Tanzi enough!"

-Denise & Jax, Perry Hall, MD

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