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Step 1:  Meeting with Tanzi 

Consultation Call


  • Expert Consultation via Zoom or phone

  • Add on a package immediately, or anytime in the next year for the same issues


Tanzi works with puppies and dogs of all ages and their families for issues ranging from puppy basics to polite manners to anxiety and aggression. Packages are available where she works with you and your dog, just your dog, and you can opt to see her virtually, in-person, or a hybrid of both depending on your location and preferences.

  • puppy socialization, house training, mouthing, crate training, and basics
  • manners work like polite greetings and leash walking, coming when called, or counter surfing

  • fear, anxiety, phobia, stress, hyperarousal, arousal biting, and/or aggressive responses related to objects, places, events, sounds, dogs living in the home, and people but without a severe bite history (be sure to let Tanzi know if your dog has bitten any people or animals). Tanzi will work with your vet so they can determine whether medication suits your dog's situation.


Still have questions? Click the red buttons for more details, or visit Office Hours on Zoom. New office hours times are added each weekend for the week ahead.

Step 2:  Sessions with Tanzi, selecting either a Coaching or Training Package

Coaching Packages                              

  • Custom, private coaching package where you and your dog both work with Tanzi in each session

  • Select from in-person, remote, or hybrid depending on your location and needs

   Starting at $189

  • 15 or 30 lesson "alternative to board & train" options where your dog works with Tanzi at your home for each session, and you join them for a few sessions, with optional maintenance sessions to follow

  • in-person only

Starting at $1639

black and white border collie
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