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Step 1:  CONSULTATION call

Set up for your coaching plan in a (60-75) minute expert consultation about your dog via Zoom or phone call. Longer calls tend to be for complex issues and multi-dog homes; shorter calls are typical for puppies and simple issues.

How do I prepare for the call?

  • Download Zoom, or let Tanzi know if you need a regular phone call instead

  • Gather records to provide details about your pup's breeder /rescue /shelter, medical history, prescriptions & supplements, training history, and food

  • Jot down info to share about your pup's history, behavior, environment,  lifestyle, routines, and goals for your training package. Be sure to think of when behavior started, anything that makes it better or worse, any past training you've tried, plus any and all details about any bites to humans or other animals.

What happens after the call?

  • You'll get a recap of the call via email that includes action steps, product recommendations, or other resources to help you start solving the issues.

  • Starting training right away? You'll get an invoice for your lessons within a day of the call.

    • You can start anytime within the next year after your call, barring significant changes like adopting another pet or a major behavior change. If more than a year passes, or there are major changes, we may need a new consultation.

Still have questions before you are ready to book?

  • Visit Tanzi on Zoom during drop-in Office Hours. Hours are usually scheduled for the following week every Saturday. Note that she cannot give training advice during Office Hours until you are a booked client. If you can't join a call, you may email her, and she will be back in touch as soon as possible.

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includes a $10 nonrefundable registration fee


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