placement call / Advice: 
  • This 45 to 60-minute call is designed to help us figure out which package is the best fit for you and your pup. We gather info about your pup, medical concerns, training history, goals, and routines. We share info about quick or simple things to start doing / stop doing, and then use all the info we gathered to write your training plan. We share lots of useful info during our call.

  • It's also the best option if you just need a consultation:

    • Do you have questions that may not require coaching sessions, like adoption advice, puppy selection advice, or housetraining help?

    • Do you enjoy DIY training but need a little help with something tricky or some direction to find the right DIY resources?

    • Are you stuck and need some troubleshooting help?

    • Do you have any other behavior or training questions?

Just click the red button below to schedule a call with one of the trainers. After selecting a date, you will receive paperwork to e-sign and an invoice. Both are due within 48 hours of scheduling your date to confirm. Bring a notebook and a pencil and we'll share lots of tips. 

Note, if you are scheduling lessons with Tanzi, after your call she will not be teaching in-person 12/14-1/2, so expect a pause on any training packages at that time.


  • (1) 45 to 60-minute phone or Meet/Zoom consult

  • email follow-up with any video or article references relevant to our discussion