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Super Duper Doggie Supply Wish List

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

When you are bringing a new member of the family home, you can certainly get by with the bare minimum of supplies, but life can be a lot easier when you are prepared for puppies and dogs to be, well, normal puppies and dogs. That could mean chewing baseboards, eating shoes, and going potty on your favorite rug. This list is comprehensive but of course, there might be things that specific dogs really like that have been missed and many of these things are certainly not essential, just nice to have on hand. Feel free to email with ideas!

Links are provided for some products for the sake of clarity; they are not affiliate links. Be sure to shop around to find the best prices and choose the appropriate size /type of items for your dog. There is an * next to items that are really must-haves.

Your Team of Experts



  • *A crate big enough to stand up and turn around with bedding – any bigger or pup might soil the crate, initially. Most crates have a divider you can use to adjust the size and you can also block off space with rolled towels. Soft crates are available that are lighter and more portable but they can be chewed through by some dogs. Check out weekend crate training tips here.

  • Snugglepuppy for crate when sleeping and on car rides if crated

  • Gate(s) for small rooms (free-standing with feet if you aren’t attaching firmly to walls) and/or exercise pen tall enough that full grown pup can’t jump out of; an ex-pen is more protective of your home. If you don't want these, plan to use the "umbilical method" where pup is attached to you with a long leash at all times when you are doing anything other than watching your puppy.

Potty Supplies

  • *Enzymatic cleaner for accidents, e.g. Woolite brands are pretty good

  • Black light flashlight to help find dried accidents

  • Pee pads ONLY if pup is left in ex-pen unattended for longer than pup can hold it. They tend to encourage dogs to use soft surfaces for potty trips (bath mats, area rugs, etc…)

  • Potty Bell- can wait to see if pup signals on own before purchasing

  • *Poop bag dispenser with poop bags (avoid Biobags, they sometimes break open easily)

  • *Keep training rewards in the home and at the potty location for housetraining (or have some other plan to keep them with you). Use lean meat or freeze-dried meat for best results. If you leave them out in the yard, be sure you use a raccoon/dog proof container.

  • Spotbot or similar carpet cleaner for accidents

  • Poop scooper if you have a yard and dog isn’t always attended after potty training is over and a doggy septic tank so your trash isn’t smelly (or take it inside and flush the poop).


  • *Dog bed, at least one per floor of your home unless you want to carry one around. It’s good to have a removable, washable cover. Orvis makes some quality beds with liquid-resistant liners if your dog has any inclination to soiling a bed and their beds are easy to re-stuff after washing the cover. L.L. Bean beds and Top Paw beds can be very difficult to re-stuff. For heavier chewers consider K9 Ballistics beds. Buy one that will be the right size when your pup is fully grown.

  • *Water bowl or fountain, slow feeder food bowl /mat (for small dogs and puppies). For big dogs, try a Buster Maze. You may like to use a tray under water and food containers.

  • *Food/meal dispensing toys in lieu of (boring) bowls (e.g. Treat Ball, Kong wobbler, (3) Kong stuffables and/or West Paw Zogoflex Toppl toy(s) or West paw Zogoflex Tux toy, AKA puppy pacifiers.) Choose the right size and durability for your dog. If it’s too small, it can get lodged in the mouth or throat. If it’s too soft, it will get torn up; soft ones for puppies and seniors, red for average chewers, black for power chewers. Why 3? One to play, one in the fridge or freezer, one lost under the couch temporarily! Not sure how to stuff? Check out these ideas. Snuffle mats and Lickimats are fun for some dogs, particularly short nosed dogs like pugs or bulldogs, puppies, dogs who tend to be giver-uppers with more difficult feeding toys. Destructive dogs might tear the fleece so please supervise.

Chewing and Playing Supplies

  • Your vet may have strong feelings about appropriate chews so be sure to ask. Hard chews can microfracture or slab fracture a tooth and soft chews can be ingested and cause blockages. There are few perfect options.

  • Bully stick (try just one first to see if any tummy upset). You can put them in Qwizls if your dog eats them quickly. Plato Thinkers also fit into Qwizls.

  • Farm Hounds or Wholesome Hide brand hide roll. Choose an option that’s the right size for your pup. Supervise and discontinue use if pup is ingesting chunks.

  • Multiple dog toys with varied textures kept in rotation (fluffy/stuffed toy, long rope toy, harder rubber or nylon toy, Gorilla Chew if pup likes wood, squeaker or water bottle toy, flirt pole toy, etc.…) Toys are like martinis- a bit pricey, meant to be enjoyed, and gone far too quickly, sometimes!

  • Subscription to monthly dog gift box (e.g. Barkbox or Bullymake)

  • *Bitter apple spray – for items that cannot be moved (electrical cords, baseboards). Grannick's is a tried and true brand. Not to be sprayed into your puppy’s or dog’s mouth!

Training Supplies

Grooming Supplies

  • Shampoo for pup, either bar style or a liquid shampoo bottled in a scent you like. Look for “easy rinsing.”

  • Towels – microfiber works well

  • Brush that’s appropriate for your dog’s coat (ask your breeder or groomer)

  • Nail clippers if not having this done at the vet or groomer.

Travel Supplies

  • Seatbelt or Pet Tube or plan to put a crate in your car for travel (place a towel in crate instead of bedding in case your pet vomits. If your pet gets car sick, ask your vet about trying Bonine or Cerenia.)

Seasonal Supplies

If the Budget Didn't Break Just Yet

  • Camera to watch pup while away that also dispenses treats, e.g. Furbo

You can see why the dog supply business is $86 billion and climbing; there's so much great stuff out there! New products hit the market every week. Be sure to email me about any new must haves /nice to haves you discover.

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