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Most recommended products

There are a handful of products that I love and suggest to clients over and over. Check them out below!

Window blur - This is a static cling product that blurs your dog's view from your windows without blocking the light. Using this product reduces barking through windows and allows your dog to rest. Reduce stress, hypervigilance, and stop rehearsal of reactive behavior.

This is a sample view of what it would look like from inside the house. It comes in lots of different designs and is pretty easy to trim and apply. Removes easily with no sticky residue. Don't forget the sidelights next to your front door.

Toppl toys- This product comes in 2 sizes, small and large. You can choose one, or for medium and larger dogs, you can use both together. It is designed to be smeared or stuffed with food like peanut butter, Easy Cheese, baby food, wet dog food, etc.. I like to put chicken breast and water in the food processor and make a lean, easily digestible paste. (For dogs with food sensitivities, change the protein as needed or use wet prescription food.)

You can give your dog the small size, the large size, or fill both, press together into one toy (available for sale as a bundle), and you can even freeze for extra challenge. Use this to serve meals, to provide enrichment between meals, as a distraction for dogs who need to be confined away from visitors, and - for young dogs- I really like to serve the meal in the Toppl just before you sit down to dinner.

Your dog will practice staying occupied, not begging or barking at the table. It's also a nice way to practice crate time. Be sure your dog enters the crate first, then gets the toy so it's a reward. If you put the toy in first, it's a bribe and the toy begins to predict crate time.

These are better than Kongs because they are less frustrating, the challenge can be adjusted, and they don't roll under the furniture quite as easily.

Lickmat - These are such great options for stationary enrichment or distraction or conditioning. Smear them with wet food of some kind, like the ideas listed for the Toppl. Then use them while grooming, practicing time on a mat for relaxation, or just to keep your pup occupied in one spot. Some have suction cups for use during a bath. These work for all sizes of dogs, from puppy to smooshy face to large dogs. Don't leave it unattended with a dog who might ingest foreign objects, though.

Snufflemat- These are great for dogs to forage for dry food. You can toss them in the washer every week or so to keep them clean (kibble has fat on the surface so you do need to wash them periodically. Some people toss kibble in grass outside which is fine but do be sure the grass is not treated with any products and watch out for ants and bees.

Also check out my top 3 harness choices here.

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