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Pattern Games

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

This section includes PDF reference material for Leslie McDevitt's various Pattern Games, designed to create a predictable framework that you can, over time, move to increasingly more distracting environments to help a dog make choices and hold a conversation with you about the environment and their comfort level. It is not always easy to see on a phone, so please use the youtube link below if you are on a mobile device.

Please check out Leslie's YouTube channel for videos and detailed descriptions, and also check out her book Control Unleashed Reactive to Relaxed.

** Games are in alphabetical order below except for Superbowls at the very bottom due to the type of file available.

** If you are on mobile or some browsers, you may only see Superbowls below. Try a laptop or other browser to see a bunch of PDF files.

123 Walking Infographic
Download PDF • 135KB
123 Voluntary Infographic
Download PDF • 370KB
GMAB Infographic
Download PDF • 183KB
Look At That!
Download PDF • 141KB
LATTE Infographic
Download PDF • 130KB
Ping Pong Infographic
Download PDF • 172KB
Up Down Infographic
Download PDF • 276KB
Whiplash Turn Infographic
Download PDF • 197KB

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