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Pattern Games

Updated: May 28

This section includes PDF reference material for Leslie McDevitt's various Pattern Games, designed to create a predictable framework that you can, over time, move to increasingly more distracting environments to help a dog make choices and hold a conversation with you about the environment and their comfort level. It is not always easy to see on a phone, so please use the youtube link below if you are on a mobile device.

Please check out Leslie's YouTube channel for videos and detailed descriptions, and also check out her book Control Unleashed Reactive to Relaxed.

Want help figuring out how to use these games and making sure your technique is great? You can set up lessons with me to learn. If you are in the Baltimore metro area, we can work in-person, and virtual works great for this work if you're outside the area.

** Games are in alphabetical order below except for Superbowls at the very bottom due to the type of file available.

** If you are on mobile or some browsers, you may only see Superbowls below. Try a laptop or other browser to see a bunch of PDF files.

123 Walking Infographic
Download PDF • 135KB
123 Voluntary Infographic
Download PDF • 370KB
GMAB Infographic
Download PDF • 183KB
Look At That!
Download PDF • 141KB
Download PDF • 146KB
Ping Pong Infographic
Download PDF • 172KB
Up Down Infographic
Download PDF • 276KB
Whiplash Turn Infographic
Download PDF • 197KB

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