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Does My Dog Need Meds?

Updated: May 4

Clients often ask me if their anxious, fearful, or aggressive dog needs prescription medication to cope. Sometimes they ask about things like CBD, too. A vet or vet behaviorist is qualified to help clients make that decision, but I can provide data points to help them. I might make a list of body language and behavior I see in response to a list of triggers identified by the client. I might note how persistent and proportionate the response is to the provocation (see Suzanne Clothier's excellent article below about the 3 Ps!) I might take some videos to help the vet see what we see at home, too.

Sometimes the vet will suggest a long-term, daily prescription. Sometimes they will suggest a short-acting medication that may be sedating. Sometimes they use them in combination. It's not something that a trainer can decide for you, ethically or professionally.

Here are some excellent resources you could use as you consider what's right for your dog:

I have witnessed the life-changing, life-saving effects of medication for dogs who need it, particularly when we find the right med at the right dose and give it time to work. If you have a dog experiencing fear, anxiety, and stress, especially if they are exhibiting aggressive behavior, I urge you to contact your vet to discuss options.

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