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Updated: Sep 28

Please read the instructions in bold first so you understand how this list is set up.

Sometimes when you practice training skills, you might need a little reminder of what something looked like or how we did something. This resource library has some great options for review. The training skills are listed alphabetically below.

  • Click the name of the training skill if it has a link (shows up as a color, not black) to read an article. When a skill might have more than one name, both are listed and the resources are identical.

  • If there are numbers or words listed after the name of the skill, those are supplemental videos.

  • Because some of these videos were made by other trainers, there may be some small differences but the general picture is the same. If they use a clicker, you can use your word, "Good!" or "Yes" instead.

If you need help, if a link isn't working for you (sometimes something is taken down after I've posted and I don't realize yet), or if you don't see the skill you're looking for, please email for help.

If you need guidance about how often to train or how to add difficulty, check out this article:

300 Pecks

Adding a Cue 1

Approach 1

Arousal Biting

Attention / Name 1 (quick start) 2 (longer explanation)


Belly Button Game / Sit and Settle 1

Bucket Game 1 (this is a series that's great) 2 (two handlers working)

Chain (of behavior) 1 2


Check-ins 1 2

Come / Recall second great article extra resource 1

Counter-Conditioning and Desensitization 1

Crate Training additional Resource

Dig Box

Door is a Bore FAQ 1

Down 1

Drop / Give / Trade 1 (for dog who doesn't guard or run away) 2 (held item with dog who guards or runs)


Elevator Game 1

Engage - Disengage (Noticing) 1 2 leash techniques

Find It (Basic) / Find It (Advanced)


Go Say Hi 1

Go to Bed / Go to Crate / Go to Mat 1 2 3 advanced

Go Wild and Freeze 1 2

Hand Target 1 (quick start) 2 (long explanation) 3 (troubleshooting) 4 (add challenge)

Harnessing 1

Housetraining 1


Husbandry 1

Hush 1

Hyper Greeter Game 1

It's Yer Choice /Leave it 1 2 3 floors

Leash Walking 1 2 3 (instead of cones, we can use mailboxes, sidewalk cracks, etc..) 4 (Premack)

Leash Techniques

Leave it / It's Yer Choice 1 2 3 floors

Mark & Move (Simplified BAT) 1



Name / Attention 1 (quick start) 2 (longer explanation)

Noticing (Engage/Disengage) 1 2 leash techniques

Off (jump off furniture) 1

Open Bar / Closed Bar 1

Outdoor Check-ins 1 2

Pattern Games

Pick up 1

Polite Greetings 1

Potty Bells 1

Recall / Come 2nd great article extra resource 1

Reactivity 2nd article

Relaxation Protocol audio files written file (to preview or print)

Resource Guarding 1

Retreat & Eat (Simplified BAT) 1

Say Please / Toys in general tug toy flirt pole

Simplified BAT (AKA Retreat & Eat, Mark & Move) 1

Sit 1

Sit and Settle 1 Advanced


Toss & Go 1

Treat and Retreat 1

Treat Bomb 1

Toys /Say Please in general tug toy flirt pole

Trade / Drop / Give 1

U-turn (plus building speed) 1 2

Wait door food bowl


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