How do I know which package to choose?

We suggest you prioritize any fear, anxiety, or aggressive behavior first. It is generally important to address these issues before they worsen, plus we can't come teach manners skills to a dog who is aggressive toward strangers, for instance. Read through the Services & Rates tab and choose the one you think is the best fit. Then click the red button and you can add brief details in the message so we can help adjust the package as needed.

Do you have references available?

Yes! You can start on the Client Comments tab to see some info as well as review pages on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. If you would like to message with a previous client, let us know and we will connect you. We have clients who have worked virtually as well as in-person.

How do I pay you?

Once you select your appointment times, we hold them for 48 hours and send 2 messages. One has your paperwork and one has your invoice. You complete and e-sign paperwork online and pay your invoice online to confirm your spot. We review everything, then you get calendar confirmations. If we don't hear back within 48 hours, your spot is released, so please let us know if you don't see both of the 2 messages.

How do I set up the room for a virtual session?

There is a video below if you'd rather watch than read, but here are some quick tips: * for a manners or behavior modification intake, it's just a regular video call and we don't need your dog, but read on to learn about details * for a separation anxiety intake, set up near a door where you can exit your home and have both a laptop and a phone signed in * choose a space that is bright but not back lit, e.g. with a big window behind you, which makes it hard to see you and your dog * choose a space where you can move around * have a container full of lots of high-value, pea-sized treats, preferably at least 2 kinds, like chicken breast and string cheese; containers are better than bags to avoid crinkle sounds * have a bowl of water for your pup * have a harness and leash ready to use * be ready to log in several minutes early in case you run into tech issues * use a laptop for best view by the trainer, and tilt so we can see the floor * if you use a phone and a tripod, use a landscape/horizontal view instead of portrait/vertical or your dog ends up off frame frequently

How do I set up my dog to be successful in a lesson?

* Avoid overexercise and playdates prior to your session * Grooming and vet visits should follow training, not be scheduled the night before or morning of training * Feed a partial meal or skip a meal if mealtime is close to your session * Use follow up links and articles in the Video Refresher Library (found in the Blog menu)

What's your travel radius?

Virtual services are available everywhere. In-home services may be available in these neighborhoods within the Baltimore metro area: Owings Mills, Randallstown, Reisterstown, Glyndon, Finksburg, Pikesville, Stevenson, Lutherville, Timonium, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Roland Park, Riderwood, Ruxton, Mt. Washington, Homeland, Guilford, Hampden, Bolton Hill, Towson, Sparks, parts of Monkton, Phoenix, Jarrettsville, Kingsville, Perry Hall, Parkville, White Marsh, Forest Hill, Hydes, and the southwestern edges of Bel Air. Not all trainers work in all areas so if we can't provide a trainer in your area at the time you need us, we suggest using Google to find "MDSPCA trainer referral list" to see other reputable area trainers and their offerings.

images of connecting two devices to a Zoom meeting with the volume on one device off

Tech setup for Separation Anxiety:  note the difference between the Zoom mic icon and the device speaker icon.