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pro TO PRO consults

Dog trainers -

  • Do you need help with customer templates or processes? 

  • Do you need guidance connecting with veterinarians in your area to discuss clients and get referrals?

  • Do you have a tough case and want help with your protocols or functional analysis?

  • Are you just interested in the industry and want some advice?

Dog walkers, dog sitters, groomers - 

  • Do you or your staff need advice about body language, handling, and basic techniques?

Veterinarians, vet techs, and office managers- 

  • Do you need a lunch & learn or other consulting for you or the staff?

  • Would you like to offer a Zoom call to a group of clients to talk about dog behavior?

Cat behavior specialists-

  • Do you need advice about dogs involved in a case?

pit bull staffy staffordshire terrier bully breed abpt pittie pit mix

Tanzi Leary, CDBC, CPDT-KA, PMCT1, SAPT, FFCP is recommended by 28 veterinary clinics and 3 vet behavior clinics and counting, and by countless clients. She won Sniffspot's Top Dog Trainer in Maryland (and Baltimore, and #3 in the United States) in 2022.

Book your free, 15-minute Intro Call today to discuss your goals by emailing with your general availability and a brief description of what you want to discuss. 

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