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Choose (3) or (6) 45-minute, in-person sessions with Tanzi based on your goals:

  • 3 sessions is an option with one manners issue like puppy mouthing, jumping, leash walking, counter surfing, or coming when called.

  • 6 sessions are needed for more than one manners issue and for issues related to big emotions.

    • Tanzi travels up to about 20-25 minutes each way to work with you and your pup in the convenience of your home, and in some cases, we may also arrange to meet at a vet clinic or at a public place like a park or shopping center.

You must communicate that your dog has bitten any people or animals with as many details as possible. Some instances of aggressive or anxious behavior may require medical workups and a meeting with a veterinarian and/or veterinary behaviorist before we can proceed with behavior modification coaching sessions. 

In-person coaching
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$315 for 3 

* Price includes a nonrefundable $10 registration fee

$625 for 6

*You may request a payment plan

* Price includes a nonrefundable $20 registration fee

"Tanzi was amazing. I have a special needs dog with trauma who is very anxious and reactive. He has been to other trainers and behaviorist, but nothing seemed to help. Tanzi spent time getting to know him and understanding what he needs to help him be a dog again. I would highly recommend her to anyone."
- Jennifer & Ben

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