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Who is this package for?

  • For clients who live out of the area but can travel to central locations

  • For clients anywhere with pets experiencing fear, anxiety, or phobia around strangers or with aggressive behavior toward strangers that requires some prep work before meeting


What do I get? 

  • Coaching by Tanzi:

    • (3) 30-minute, virtual coaching sessions 

      • these lessons will focus on management and foundation skills to set your dog up for success and prepare for working in-person,

    • (3) 45-minute, in-person coaching sessions

      • ​Tanzi travels up to about 20-25 minutes each way for in-person lessons to work with you and your pup in the convenience of your home if you are in her travel radius, or we may also arrange to meet at a vet clinic or at a public place like Meadowood Park or a shopping center.

  • Ongoing support

You must communicate that your dog has bitten any people or animals with as many details as possible. Some instances of aggressive or anxious behavior may require medical workups and a meeting with a veterinarian and/or veterinary behaviorist before we can proceed with behavior modification coaching sessions. She may be unable to help with all cases, but will help you connect with the right specialist as needed.

Tanzi is amazing with dogs! We rescued a dog during the pandemic that came with a few undesirable traits. She worked with us to understand the behaviors and create actions to calm and create new positive experiences. Our pup responded immediately to her and her cues. She also is really good at reading dog body language. She pointed out small movements in our dog and what they meant. When another dog approached us during an outdoor training she pointed out his reactions to our dog and we knew to keep them at a distance. This review can go one and one with more positive comments but I will save you the time and just say she is awesome and we will definitely be following up with any additional training!!



*You may request a payment plan

*Includes a nonrefundable $15 registration fee

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