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Puppy Practice Notes

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

This post is geared toward Puppy 101 clients. You will find so much info here by clicking through the links. If your puppy is driving you mad, first try to remember that nearly everything a puppy does is totally normal for baby dogs.

This cute article about puppies coming from another planet is a good one to read and remember in those moments when you feel frustrated.

This article is a nice overview of what you should be doing before you really know what to do from training lessons.

Below you will find links to specific information about various topics.

  • Read Socializing if your pup is 13 weeks or younger and print the checklist to follow as explained in the post. This is the MOST important thing you can do for a young puppy, way more important than any manners work.

  • Posts about mouthing, crating, husbandry, and housetraining can be found at each of those hyperlinks. Most of your questions will be answered there.

Posts about keeping your puppy entertained and building independence from you can be found by looking at the Work to Eat section of the blog menu above. Every puppy needs to learn to spend some time alone entertaining themselves without getting anxious or upset and work-to-eat toys are a great way to do that. Start teaching your pup to do that by giving the puppy a toy like this when you can still be close enough to hear your pup - when you are in the shower, around the corner cooking a meal, down the hall doing some laundry, and so on. Gradually increase the time of your absences, but no absences longer than your puppy can safely hold his or her bladder.

Training Games

I created a blog page linked below with lots of video examples to review the things we have practiced. Message me with any questions after watching. (Note- In many videos the trainer is using a clicker. We are using a marker word instead, "Good!" spoken at the moment we see the behavior we wanted.)


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