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All new clients as well as clients who either haven't seen Tanzi for over a year or who have added a new dog to the family  - you'll start by meeting with Tanzi during a (60-75) minute expert consultation via Zoom or phone call. 


After your consultation call, get started with 1:1 coaching. Based on your location, availability, preferences, budget, and goals, select from 3 ways to learn below.
All packages include:
  • Personalized training plans 
  • Notes after each session
  • Access to an online refresher library to help you review training games
  • Zoom Office Hours

  • Option to add a la carte sessions to extend your package


  • You live in the service area, and

  • You have a puppy or dog and need help with anything ranging from puppy basics to manners to anxiety, hyperarousal, fear, phobia, and aggression (stranger danger must be hybrid.)​

  • You have a dog that is afraid of or shows aggression to strangers so we need 1 virtual for safety protocols and then we can meet in-person, or

  • You aren't in the service area but you can travel to Meadowood Park, or

  • You are in the service area but just prefer virtual lessons at times

  • You want more affordable training

  • You live outside the service area, or

  • You have a busy schedule and prefer shorter Zoom lessons, or

  • You have a dog experiencing phobia that makes leaving or having visitors over difficult or impossible right now, or

  • You have health issues that require virtual lessons, or

  • You want the most affordable training

Click the red buttons for more details, and if you still have questions, visit Office Hours on Zoom or FAQ

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