Services, rates, & scheduling

  • Are we a good fit for you? 

  • Can we help you and your dog?

  • Do you feel comfortable committing to a training package with us?

  • What's the training plan and the approach?

  • What's the best way for us to meet your dog if they don't handle strangers entering well?


We figure these answers out and more together in an intro call, but common questions are answered here. This call is the first step for all new clients, for clients we haven't seen for 12+ months, and for clients who have added a new dog. It's also an excellent option for people with a single training issue. In some cases, we may be able to get you all the info you need in just that call.


Your Intro Call is held via Zoom or Meet so we can discuss goals, history, plans, and the right package for your pup. Then, if you hire us to work with you, we start seeing you in person, usually at your home and sometimes out and about.


You may review pricing and package details in the buttons below. We often book several weeks or months in advance; to get started faster and save 10% on packages, ask about working virtually.

Geographic areas within our travel radius are available by scrolling to the bottom of the page—virtual service matched by availability in different time zones.

Tanzi is typically available to meet with clients on weekdays. Laurie generally is open on weekdays, some evenings, and Saturdays. She is on maternity leave until August 2022.

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